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The idea of establishing a retail enterprise, and turning it into chain of stores, at different locations, for public convenience was first initiated by a Ferenchman, Boskov, in 1852 . It was a celever business concept at that era of industrialization and urban development, However, it did not fully realized at those days. It had to wait for years later, and for a different location , to become a lucrative business of international scale.
The pace of developing modern and large scale retail chains accelerated at the end of economic depression of 1930 s, and particularly, after the wwII period. Within 2 to 3 decades it started to appear as the most popular business venture and the fastest growing sector of the market economy. The United States of America was the natural ground for nourishing this new concept, with an annual sale of near one trillion dollars.
At the outset of 21 century, retail chains are the most popular way of trade, which have prevailed into all aspects of consumer's goods and services, from sport clubs, restaurants, food stores, electronic centers, and so many others.However, the most common , and also the largest of them all,are those which provide foods, households and classic goods.
The main objective of all retail chains is customer's convenience and comfort. They can reduce purchasing and distributing costs, they can provide the end users with quality goods, and suitable prices , and they also can improve traffic and pollutions. These so called "one stop shopping" can save customers with both time and money, and offer them time and space utility.
Shahrvand Chain Stores,operate under the trade name of "Sharvand goods and servicing company" , and is a subsidiary of Municipality of Tehran which now has 23 branches in different locations in The grand city of Tehran. Shahrvand is a full service retail chain, with about 30/000 to 50/000 items at each of its different locations available to be purchased by customers either in person or through elrctronic shopping with fast delivery.
Shahrvand is technically the most advanced shopping center in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and also the largest of its kind in the capital city of Tehran.Over 20 millions customers visit Shahrvand's different Branches annually and the company's annual sale is well over 2/000 billion rials. systematic surveys indicate a high rate of customer sastisfaction in the areas of quality of goods and services and also CRM in the past 3 years.
In the early 1370 (1990), the grand municipality of Tehran, along with it's major administrative reform, initiated the concept of developing modern chain stores, as a new service to promote the welfare of its citizen.
To achive this objective, the "shahrvand goods and serviceing company",was established to operate as a business entity and under supervision of the Munnicipality of Tehran. This new company has been empowered to build , promote and manage a full scale chain of stores at different part of the city for the citizen convenenience. The first store was inaugurated at BIYHAGHI Square,by H.E Mr Hashemi , then The president of ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN in 1373(1994 A.C). With a grand ceremony and publicity . After more than 15 years of continues service, the Biyhaghi store is now the oldest , and still the largest branch of SHAHRVAND with an outstanding record. SHAHRVAND is indeed indebted To the Municipality of Tehran for its continous support, and attribute its achievement to its Loyal customer, dedicated staff , and competent suppliers. We would like to take this opportunity and express our grtatification to all of them here.

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