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NEVA-RUS Managing Director Visits Shahrvand Chain Stores
Neva-rus is a Russian company and the founder of chain stores in Saint Petersburg. The Managing director of this company visited Beyhaghi sore on sun Nov 16 2008 and negotiated with shahrvand officials about mutual cooperations.

Shahrvand IIthLottery
To Promote Customer's Loyality, and to incourge their Their repeated shopping, we periodically issue Lottery Ticket at all of our stores and provide the winning customer with significant gifts and prizes -As the picture indicate, recently we celebrated to announce the results of the IIth lottery. It was a very exiting occasion, and many of our customers participated, in this ceremony and the lucky ones received great gifs and Valuable prizes.

Khani-Abad funfair is a fully equiped modern cultural, recreational and enteraiment center. Easy access have increased Popularity and attraction of this center which offer the following services :
- Types of computer, mechanical, inflatable games
-Fast food pavilions

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